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Watch Treetops Director Natasha Rawiri discuss our history, values and quality.

Childcare and Daycare Centre Botany, Botany Junction, Pukekohe

We focus on the natural development of children

Young children respond much better to education and learning when they understand what they are doing and find it interesting, fun, and enjoyable. Therefore, our approach is to take direction from your child and their interests as we guide them through the learning experiences that we plan every day. This allows your child to develop at their pace while we encourage them to try new things.

Treetops Learning helps the natural development of your child


We take a positive approach

Every child is different. They learn at their own pace, they have their own personalities, and they deal with issues in different ways. Our approach to all the children who attend our early learning centres is to accept them as individuals and to be constantly positive. This is particularly important when dealing with inappropriate behaviour – we believe it is essential parents understand how we deal with inappropriate behaviour, because we don't handle these situations with raised voices or negative language. Instead, we seek to understand your child's behaviour and what the cause is. We work closely with the whānau and families of the children in our care.


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Settling in is important

The settling-in process is a crucial time, so we'll do everything we can to ensure you and your child become happy and comfortable as soon as possible. It is essential for both you and your child to spend time with us here ahead of your child's start date. You can get to know the staff and what we do, and our staff will get to know your child. We don't charge for these settling-in experiences, so we encourage you to make the most of this special time.

At Treetops settling in is important


We lay the foundations for children's learning 

At Treetops Early Learning Centre, we support you and your child as they transition to primary school. This support starts from the first day your child attends our centre. They will benefit from the educational, social and cultural experiences they have during their time with us at Treetops, ensuring they are motivated and confident learners as they move up to school.

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 Our staff are experienced

Our staff will be the people who will interact with your child on a day-to-day basis when they are at Treetops, so we encourage you to get to know them. The vast majority of our team are qualified teachers, and we have staff members who are training to get their qualifications. In addition, we support and promote continuous professional development to ensure we continue to provide the best possible early learning services to the children, families and communities that we serve.

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Our food is made fresh each day

Your child will be provided with a healthy lunch when they are here with us at Treetops, as well as snacks in the morning and afternoon. The snacks are healthy too, while the drinks that are available are water and milk. Your child will have access to water at all times. If your child has a special dietary requirement, we will accommodate with assistance from our centre cook, who creates our kai fresh each day. Please get in touch today to discuss your needs.


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ERO reviews for our childcare centres in Auckland

Feel free to have a read of our latest ERO reviews from the Education Review Office. We would love to share the positive comments they made about our early learning centres! All reports before 2018 will show our previous licence name of 'Lollipops Educare'. 

ERO Report

Botany Junction Childcare

ERO Report

Botany Childcare

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